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Mat and Co Construction Ltd is a full service building and civil engineering construction company which was created in 2007 as “Etablissement MatCam”. We began creating impact in community. Due to our expertise and professionalism, we won a lot of contracts and sub-contracts from parastatals and some private companies. We specialise in a wide range of services such as; Engineering and Construction, Logistics, and Custom Services

Professional Team

While working with us, be rest assured you are dealing with professionals who will help you through out the way.

Dedicated To Our Clients

We are dedicated to our clients and are committed to helping successfully complete their projects.

Outstanding Services

Our services are well laid out and we have an experienced team in all what we do.

Take the world’s best
services for you

Building Construction Services

We design and build first class structures for our customers using the most modern technologies in our industry.

Construction Material Supplies

We have partnered with material supplying companies to give our clients the best experience, making the work load lighter.

Custom Clearing Services

Do you have goods which need to be imported/exported? We have a special team that will take care of the whole process.

Car Rentals and Vehicle Supplies

We have vehicles for rent on standby making your movements easy. Also, we supply vehicles for your construction works

Planning & Research

We take out time to carry out necessary research and plan diligently for each of our projects.

Design & Ideas

Mat and CO construction boast of the most innovative team on the national territory. Our designs our premium quality

Specialized Projects

We have the team to handle any kind of project. We have successfully completed many complex works.

Final Outputs

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their dream. We make sure the final output matches your expectations.


Discover the most fascinating
projects for our clients

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company since 2017

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